3 Dec 2017

KFC Chizza – Chicken x Pizza

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On 2 dec 2017, my wife and I travel from Putra perdana puchong to jementah, johor. The weather was hot, feels like 35 °C. Traffic was “OK” not congested but a lot of reckless driver. Honestly Malaysian really doesn’t know to drive on the highway. Driving in 80s was awesome. After 2 hours (151km) we pull over at Tangkak town. We decided to eat KFC.

I wanted to try the new KFC Chizza . Chicken x Pizza.

Yes it taste like pizza with tomato paste and pineapple, but the cheese quality was bad.

Pineapple has been a popular pizza topping since 1962 but not everyone like pineapple as pizza topping. thedailymeal.com ranks pineapple as top 3 worst pizza topping.

I love KFC, my first choice compared to Texas chicken. KFC all time winner however Chizza is unappetizing.

KFC snack plate.


I would prefer to eat domino pizza with extra cheese plus with heavy Mozzarella or Cheddar Crust.

Classified pizza

Extravagant pizza


Finally, combination of pizza and chicken doesn’t go well.

After eating, we continue to travel for another 40 minutes. Once we reach there I was served banana leaf rice. If you don’t want to be labelled as a “gluttonous person” eat before attending any event or party.


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