30 Nov 2017

NY Steak Shack – IOI City Mall

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Last week I decided to go to IOI city mall at putrajaya. (dont be confused with IOI mall puchong). I wanted to buy make-up products at Sephora. Well, I was disappointed because they don’t sell so many products on the physical store. After shopping my wife and I decided to eat at NY Steak Shack.

NY Steak Shack Promotion

Once we sat down, waiter gave us the menu and this promotion flyers. I thought its a good deal and ordered steak, chicken rice and mashed potato. This promotion comes with free drink with float.

The amount of meat served is small. I am willing to pay rm100-200, but the promotion is deceiving. I believe aggressive advertising resulting loss of profit.

Rice and chicken was perfectly cooked, steak  is not delicious- no taste. But its still better than other restaurant.

Why do we eat? To stay alive? but I eat when i am hungry and i need all of my food to taste good. After-all we are paying money to eat.

I would suggest to buy full portion with 200gm meat and give a try.

Visit NY Steak Shack at;

IoI City Putrajaya LG-045, Lower Ground Floor IoI City Mall IoI Resort 62502 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan


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