Setup WordPress on Google Cloud for Hosting (Click-to-Deploy)
16 Jan 2018

Setup WordPress on Google Cloud for Hosting (Click-to-Deploy)

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first go to


then click on CONSOLE

Then go to upper left screen and click on Product and service then click on Cloud Launcher

And the click on

WordPress WordPress (Google Click to Deploy)

– no image provided

then click on Lunch On Compute Engine

If you are new user, you have to set billing account.

After billing ,

Fill up your requirement , for
Machine Type choose micro if low traffic , based on your requirement
Disk type: SSD Persistent disk – for high performance

After deploying Google cloud will provide information like

Site address, WordPress administrator username password, MySQL password and phpMy .
Paste the Site URL on browser
After this, we want to setup PHP my admin
click copy on Change your MySQL root password
then go to SSG and view on gcloud command
click run on cloud shell
then press ENTER


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