9 Nov 2017

Wedding Dinner Food Tasting at Putrajaya Pullman

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My elder brother is going to get married on 25 November 2017. He decided to have his wedding reception at Putrajaya Pullman Hotel, a Lake Garden wedding style.

Since he is having reception at Pullman Hotel, he invited my wife and me for food tasting. We all know that wedding food is the  important part of marriage therefore we went for food tasting.

Pesto Pasta in a large pot – specially cook by chef 


Pullman Hotel Putrajaya Dessert

My wife seems to enjoy apple crumble cheese cake, red velvet cheese cake and chocolate tart. Their Sorbet  is was refreshing.

Overall, food quality is not satisfactory. Why? Chicken Rendang was not like rendang. Kam heong squid taste like sambal.  Little variety of food for the price however, roasted chicken and lamb was perfectly cooked. Nasi hujan panas was good but I wont be paying rm200 for roasted chicken, lamb and nasi.

However, my brother decided to have the reception there because he liked the food and the wedding outdoor venue. Maybe he is a complicated man , with complicated taste buds.


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